The WOW Truck Story

When you grow up in the city, you get used to the local food varieties which you may think are common everywhere;
until you move to smaller towns and realize the food is often very different.
My wife Alina and I grew up in Los Angeles. We've lived in Spokane now for nine years,
and found ourselves struggling every time we craved foods we grew up with.
We've been in the food industry since 1995, and have owned three restaurants, and seven food trucks.
In 1997 we decided to move our family out of the city, to raise our five children in a more family-friendly city.
In 2009 we took a break from the food business, to enjoy more quality time as a family.
Our children have grown and now work with us at our new family business!

We are eager to share with Spokane the big city foods and flavors we grew up with.
So come join us, and taste for yourselves what great BIG CITY TASTE & QUANTITY we're talking about!